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Kalusha feels the Heat in Kuala Lumpur

Released 02.05.06

Despite high hopes for the FEI World Cup Final in Kuala Lumpur, Robert Smith made the decision to withdraw Kalusha after the second leg of the competition due to the horse being off-colour.

After a gruelling twenty three hours of travel, Kalusha, with whom Robert has recently won the British Open on, just wasn’t his normal self. The humidity just did not suit him. Kalusha had a temperature and was given some fluids but didn’t recover in time.

Robert said: “He has worked hard all winter and performed brilliantly. When he had 16 faults in the second leg of the competition, I knew that he wasn’t himself, so I made the difficult decision to withdraw him. He is now back home and having a well-deserved rest for a few weeks.”