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Dalmar Ireland, manufacturer of the world’s most technologically advanced tendon boots, is pleased to be continuing its association with show jumper, Robert Smith for a third consecutive year.Robert endorses Dalmar’s range of boots, using them on his top international horses both in competition and at home, and is delighted with the comfort, performance and protection they offer his horses.

“I am impressed with the design and technical innovation of Dalmar’s boots as I feel they give my horses the best possible protection which is vital in world class competition,” says Robert. 

The patented design utilizes materials technology transferred from Formula One and Aerospace industries.  The designer is a former Formula One engineer with a lifetime’s experience in horses.  Andrew Daly has applied his knowledge of both industries with the support of veterinary scientists and leading equine professionals in developing his advanced Dalmar range.

Dalmar’s ultra lightweight tendon boots for show jumpers, eventers and racehorses have carbon fibre shields to give the best possible protection against tendon injury in the event of the severest of over-reach strikes and from any hard knocks to the canon bone and fetlock joint.  The carbon fibre content helps the force of any impact to be distributed over the entire length of the boot, immediately deflecting from the horse’s flexor tendons and suspensory ligaments. 

They are also unique in being the world’s first air-cooled tendon boots designed to effectively cool the horse’s tendons.  Latest research published by the Royal Veterinary College shows that excessive heat build-up is a significant factor in causing the onset of injury to the flexor tendon cores while galloping.

Manufactured in Ireland, the patented boots have been tested thoroughly over the past eight years.  The design also features a quick wrap fastener that guarantees a secure fit with even pressure applied to the horse’s legs.  This also enables the boots to be put on or taken off in less than a second – simple, safe and ideal for busy yards.

For further information, please contact Andrew Daly at Dalmar Ireland.  Tel: 00 353 (0) 21 4355275 or www.dalmar-ireland.com