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Robert Smith wrapped up the first leg of the Spanish Sunshine Tour with a second place in the Grand Prix on Talan, jumping a double clear.  The eight year old stallion is owned by Robert and Pennie Cornish, and is proving to be an exciting prospect.  Meanwhile, Robert has also enjoyed a class win in the small GP on Mr Mike Dawson’s mare, Columbia, as well as wins and placings on Spitfire, jointly owned by Robert and Mr Alan Lacey.
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PRESS RELEASE – January 2008

Robert Smith is pleased to be officially endorsing Formula4Feet following some months trialling the feed supplement from Equi Life Ltd on several of his top horses including Mr Springfield, Kalusha and Ronaldo.

Formula4Feet provides unique benefits for horses with poor hoof horn quality, cracked hooves, weak heels and those at risk of Laminitis.  It is the first new generation non-GM hoof supplement to be made anywhere in the world.   It has been developed by Robert Eustace FRCVS, Director of the Laminitis Clinic in collaboration with Dr David Frape, a leading equine nutritionist.

Following a period of rest due to injury, Mr Springfield made an impressive comeback at Olympia.  The 15 year old gelding, who is owned by Jimmy McCloskey, looked in top form again, having lost none of that famous ‘Mr Springfield sparkle’ which gained him such notoriety when he finished 4th with Robert on board in the 2004 Athens Olympic Games.

Mr Springfield had been back home to Ireland to Jimmy McCloskey during his recuperation and it was there where he first came to try Formula4Feet.

“We first discovered Formula4Feet after an extensive search on the internet to find a cure or treatment for a recurring abscess,” explains Jimmy McCloskey.  “Robert had given his old mount “Vanessa” to my wife Bridie to retire on her family farm. The first year we had her we had a lot of trouble with an abscess in her front feet, not to mention huge vet bills. We thought we had tried everything when Bridie found the Equi Life website and ordered a few months supply. It has made an incredible difference to “Vanessa”. Three years on at the grand old age of 31 she is still on it and enjoying her retirement.

“So when Mr Springfield came home to us to rest after his injury and treatment he had very slow heel growth on the hoof so we tried him on Formula4Feet also. It was not long before the blacksmith began to notice a huge difference in his feet. His initial suspensory problem stemmed from the fact he always had very poor heel growth. With Formula4Feet he appeared sound and the wear on his shoes became even for the first time in his career.  He is now back with Robert Smith and he is continuing to use it on him as well as several of his other top horses.  We have also had fantastic results with our other horses. We recommended the product to other horse owners who had not heard of it and the feedback was all positive. Mr Springfield deserves the best and with Formula4Feet we feel he’s getting the best,” says Jimmy McCloskey.

Robert Smith says “We are extremely pleased with Formula4Feet and what it has achieved to date for Mr Springfield in terms of healthy hoof growth.  We had previously been using another product from a different manufacturer but switched to Formula4Feet when we heard how effective the supplement is. It is early days for Kalusha and Ronaldo as they have only been on it for a couple of weeks but we are confident that once more, the results are going to be beneficial in terms of maintaining healthy hoof condition.  It goes without saying that I need all my competition horses in tip-top physical condition as they are competing with the very best in the world.”

For further information, please contact:

Equi Life Ltd Tel: +44 (0)1249 890784  Fax: +44 (0)1249 890780

Email: info@equilife.co.uk  www.equilife.co.uk

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A Blow for Britain in Aachen

Released 31.08.06 Having had such a consistently successful summer season, it was disappointment not only for Robert Smith but for supporters of British show jumping when Marius Claudius emerged unsound after Monday’s warm-up session at WEG. Although only a minor bruising problem with ‘Claude’s’ off-fore foot it was certainly bad timing and a great disappointment for the on-form horse/rider combination. Reserve rider, Nick Skelton and Russel stood in his place.

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Great Britain wins Nations Cup at Hickstead

Released 01.08.06 Great Britain has won the British leg of the Samsung Super League Nations Cup at Hickstead. The team of Robert Smith (Marius Claudius), John Whitaker (Peppermill), Michael Whitaker (Mozart Des Hayettes) and William Funnell (Cortaflex Mondriaan) delighted the home crowd as they won in triumphant style.

Robert had the job of pathfinder leading his fellow competitors and jumped a stylish first round on Marius Claudius with just one fence down and a time fault. Similarly, Michael Whitaker had a fence down and William Funnell went clear. John Whitaker’s round finished with 12 penalties and was the discarded score in Round One. As the British team, sponsored by THB Equestrian, went into the second round, they lay second, just five points behind the French team. Robert Smith went into round two and jumped a magnificent clear round with Marius Claudius as did John Whitaker on Peppermill. This time it was William Funnell’s score that was discarded but it didn’t matter – Great Britain had won!

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Only Fools on Horses

Released 17.07.06 Robert Smith, Jodie Kidd and Jessica Kurten had a great time on the judging panel of Only Fools on Horses, the BBC reality show training celebrities to show jump to raise funds for Sport Relief. The show held at Unex Towerlands, which ran for 9 consecutive nights, consistently attracted over 4.2million viewers and actually peaked at 5 million by Saturday’s Final. The brave celebrities included Matt Baker, Nicki Chapman, Sara Cox, Josie D’arby, Jenni Falconer, Diarmuid Gavin, Sally Gunnell, Matt Littler, Paul Nicholas, Suzi Perry, Anna Ryder-Richardson and Ruby Wax. Jenni emerged the winner closely followed by Nicki Chapman. The show raised over £250,000 for Sport Relief.

“I really enjoyed my time judging this show,” said Robert “even if the competitors thought I was being a bit harsh at times! They all did really well and the concept was not only great for Sport Relief, but also for show jumping in Britain as a whole.”

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Jerry Jumps Big in Rome

Released 05.06.06 Robert Smith won the Puissance in the spectacular Piazza di Sienna arena in Rome on Jerry Maguire. Undaunted, the talented combination had the crowds on the edge of their seats as they cleared an enormous 2.20m puissance wall. They had won the competition at 2.10m but were offered a bonus of 50,000 euros if they jumped clear over 2.20m. Never one to turn down a challenge, Robert and Jerry cleared it with ease and were presented with a fabulous prize from Longines.

Robert was also on the team for Great Britain competing in the Samsung Super League where he jumped an impressive clear round on Di and Pennie Cornish’s stallion Marius Claudius with just four faults in the second round.

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Smith Wins at Windsor on Marius Claudius

Released 16.05.06 Robert Smith has won the Links of London Grade A Jumping competition at the Royal Windsor Horse Show (13 May 2006) with a double clear round on the talented stallion, Marius Claudius, owned by Diana and Pennie Cornish.

The popular horse and rider combination delighted spectators with their double clear round victory, finishing ahead of Hannah Paul on Saffier Van De Brand Kleek and David McPherson on Bob’s Diamond.

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Marius Claudis in Top Form with Arena UK Grand Prix Win

Released 18.09.06 Robert Smith won the 1.40m Grand Prix at Arena UK on Marius Claudius in true style ahead of Ben Maher on Gama Alondra and Peter Charles on Johnny Jopper with a 2 second advantage.

His double clear victory proved that the pair are back to business and in winning form to take the £7500 first prize. Robert also came fourth in the same Grand Prix class with a double clear on the impressive young stallion, Vangelis S, owned by Sharon Baldwin.

“I am delighted with both horses. Claude and Vangelis jumped so well,” said Robert “Vangelis is only eight years old but he is extremely talented with incredible scope so I have high hopes for him in the future.” The programme is being televised by SKY in October.

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Released 11.12.06 It was victory for Robert Smith and his famous Kalusha in Prix du Leman at the Concours Hippique International de Geneve 2006. The British rider won the class with an impressive double clear ahead of Simon Delestre (FRA) and Holga des Bignons.

Robert also rode a breathtaking round in the Prix des Communes Genevoises, this time with Marius Claudius finishing in front of Piet Raymakers and Van Schijindel’s Now or Never.

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